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May 3rd - 4th - Catfish Tournament
General Info:
  1. Tournament Details

    • Team Fee - $30

    • Youth Entry - $10

    • Lunker Fee - $10 Per Team

    • Team fish limit - 3 fish (Catfish Species)

    • Team fish requirements - 1 or 2 person teams

    • Start and Finish at Bearded Boater outdoors on time. Start-5PM FRIDAY, Finish-5PM Saturday

    • Location: 4910 PA-706, Wyalusing, PA 18853

Tournament Rules




  1. Tournament Details:

    • Team Fee - $30

    • Youth Entry - $10

    • Lunker Fee - $5 per Team

    • Team fish limit - 3 fish (Catfish Species)

    • Team fish requirements - 1 or 2 person teams

    • Start and Finish at Bearded Boater outdoors on time. 5pm Friday, 5pm Saturday

  2. Location: Start and End of tournament takes place at Bearded Boater Outdoors. Registrants must be present at the Start and end to qualify for tournament.         Address:  4910 PA-706 Wyalusing Pa 18853

  3. Registration: Registration opens Friday MAY 3rd at 4:30PM. Rules and regulations will be reviewed at weigh in stage at 5:15PM. Registration will remain open till 8:00PM. Pre Registration online is preferred. Form can be found on

  4. Day and Time Parameters: After in person registration is confirmed and Rules and Regulations have been reviewed, Anglers may begin fishing. Weigh in starts promptly at 5:00PM. Anglers must be present prior to start of weigh in. 30 minutes before weigh in is encouraged.

    • Late registrations may not be accepted.

    • Late to weigh in: A 1% weight penalty for every minute late, up to 30 minutes late are accepted, all others after a disqualified. (15 minutes late = 15% weight reduction)

    • Dead fish on arrival: Any dead fish, one or all, results in a 10% weight reduction.

  5. Departure and Boundaries: Anglers will begin and end at Bearded Boater Outdoors. You may fish any legal waters within 20 Miles of Bearded Boater Outdoors. (Roughly Sayre to Tunkhannock)

  6. Tackle Requirements: Anglers are expected to comply with all Pennsylvania Fishing Regulations. Any  conventional fishing methods are accepted.

  7. Weigh In: Teams will check-in upon arriving, Team will be assigned a weigh in position number. Please stand in line respective to your number.

  8. Team: Teams can consist of one or two members. Team fee is the same for either. ($30.00)

  9. Lunker: Lunker is a optional category. Lunker payback is 100%. Lunker is the big fish of the tournament.

  10. Live well: All anglers are expected to have a means of keeping fish alive. Aerator's are optional but highly encouraged.

  11. In event of a tie: The higher finishing place will be granted to the team with a larger lunker. If lunker is also a tie, higher place will be granted to team that arrived first.

  12. Proper sportsmanship: Negative interactions are discouraged. Any acts deemed “excessive” by tournament directors may be handed by disqualification from current and following events. Please remain respectful on and off the waters. All anglers are entered for a good time. Lets keep it that way.

  13. Youth Entries:

    • Age: 10-16

    • Entry fee $10

    • 3 Fish Limit

    • Entry into Youth is its own category. Entrants must select either Youth Category or Team Fish but may not enter both categories. Separate categories must have separate fish. Fish entered in youth cannot be weight in Team fish and vice versa.

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